6 Ways to Create Gathering Spots in and Around Your Pool

A swimming pool can be a perfect gathering spot for friends and family. Elevate your outdoor entertaining with these five ideas to enhance the space around your pool and foster memorable gatherings.

1. Large Tables and Intimate Spaces

Strike a balance between communal and intimate spaces. Large tables are excellent for family and friend gatherings, but also create smaller areas that encourage more personal conversations. Having versatile options in your entertainment area enhances the overall experience.

2. Swim-Up Bars

Bring the party to the pool with a swim-up bar. Perfect for those who don’t want to leave the water, swim-up bars offer both convenience and fun. They create a social hub where people can chat, relax, and enjoy the pool simultaneously, accommodating both swimmers and those seeking a more laid-back atmosphere.

3. Outdoor Kitchens

Transform your outdoor space by moving the kitchen outdoors. Whether simple and functional or elaborate with the latest gadgets, an outdoor kitchen keeps you in the midst of the action. Say goodbye to constant trips indoors and enjoy seamless entertaining under the open sky.

4. Outdoor Dining Rooms

Embrace the pleasure of dining al fresco by creating an outdoor dining room. Elevate a basic patio with personal touches to craft an elegant yet comfortable space. Prioritize comfort over formality, opting for soft seating and weatherproof cushions that encourage lingering conversations.

5. Conversation Pits

For a serene atmosphere, consider a sunken seating area like a conversation pit. Slightly lower than its surroundings, this feature provides a comfortable spot for hanging out, creating a subtle separation between your backyard and its surroundings.

6. Fire Pits

Make a bonfire the heart of your gathering space. Fire pits add warmth and ambiance to any season, making summer parties more enjoyable. Gather around for s’mores and sing-alongs, creating memorable moments in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Your backyard gatherings are unique, shaped by your guests and menu. Whatever you choose to implement, ensure everyone feels comfortable, creating a welcoming space for lively conversations and cherished moments.

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