Damp in Your Commercial Property? These Could Be the Causes

Whether you’ve noticed a smell in your commercial property, or you’ve seen spores and marks on the walls, finding damp can be annoying. While you can remove it using damp removal products, you also need to tackle the root cause of the damp, otherwise it will keep coming back. Here are some of the most common causes of damp in commercial premises.

Poor ventilation

If you have machinery that creates heat or steam, and there’s improper ventilation, damp can develop over time. Even things like running commercial ovens or having shower rooms on site can cause a lot of damp if you don’t work on ventilation, so make sure that there are extractor fans installed.

Damage to the roof

Roofs that are damaged can let in moisture, which then grows into damp. If this happens, you need to find professionals who can deal with commercial metal roofing Perth, either replacing or repairing your roof as quickly as possible. A good roof can also make your building more comfortable and energy efficient.

Rising damp

Rising damp happens when damp travels up your brickwork and it can be hard to see at first. It has a number of causes:

  • Inadequate damp proof course (DPC)
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Improper foundation
  • Older buildings that have not been damp-proofed

If you think you have rising damp, you need to sort it out as soon as possible, because it’s one of the worst types of damp to deal with.

Blocked gutters

Blocked gutters can be another cause of damp. Gutters are made to take water away from your building, protecting them from the rain, but if damaged, the water can get trapped within your property and cause untold damage. If that’s the case, you need to get them fixed as soon as possible, before you end up with a big repair bill and you can then work on the damp.

When it comes to damp in a commercial building, it’s important not to just try and clean it or cover it up, but to attack the root cause of the damp. This is because damp doesn’t go away with cleaning if there’s something causing it such as condensation or running water. If you have an issue with something like your roofing, you should get a professional in as soon as possible to fix it, so that the job is done properly and you can be sure of a great finish.

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