Garage Renovation: Creating the Ultimate Garage for Your Home

As years go by, many homeowners find themselves using their garage for storage space. Boxes and other random items from years ago litter the floor and the shelves to the point where you can barely park a car in your own garage. But cleaning out the garage is a task that is easy to keep putting off. Clearing out the mess is just the beginning. Planning and designing your new garage is a golden opportunity to turn your garage into its own functioning space in the house. Anyone can achieve this by carefully remembering a few tips.

The Clean Up

For some, the garage has been where they stored extra boxes and junk for years. If you want to transform your garage into a functioning room of the house it’s time to finally let go of all of that extra stuff. This will require going through everything and deciding what you want to keep and what you can let go. This may be harder for some than for others but with a little determination you will quickly see the difference in space.

The Possibilities

Now that you have cleared out the garage you may notice there is quite a bit more room that you realised. This is the time where you can think about what you want the garage to function as. Some would like to have a space for their tools or yard equipment. A garage can be an excellent space for an extra fridge or a freezer to store extra food and drinks.

Since the room has been cleared of all clutter, anything you needed to keep needs to be put away in an organized fashion. Building shelves along the walls with clear dividers helps you keep items in their own area.

Some spaces you may want for storage may include:

  • Space for tools, gardening supplies
  • Space for toys, bikes, games
  • A parking space for your car
  • Space for cleaning supplies

Do whatever works best for you and your family. The lower shelves can be where the kids keep their toys and games while the higher shelves are for cleaning supplies and power tools to keep them out of reach.


Changing the floor of your garage is easier than you may think. When considering a new floor there are really two ways to improve the floors: covering them or polishing them. Covering them with a vinyl or rubber covering is one option. Polished concrete takes on a whole new look and many prefer its visual appeal more. When searching for polishing Newcastle has plenty of options at affordable rates.

Take this great opportunity to get more functionality out of your garage. It can be a great way to free up more space in your house by keeping a tidy garage.

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