El Paso Residential Architectural Styles and Iron Doors to Match

Known for its stunning residential design, El Paso is a visual treat for locals and visitors. Whether you explore Zach White, Mission Hills, Montoya Heights, Album Park, or Mountain Arroyos, you’ll be taken aback by the beautiful properties that stand out for their immaculate design, landscaping, and curb appeal.

El Paso’s quintessential residential style is one for the books. If you recently moved to the serene city and aren’t quite sure how to spruce up your house, we’ve got you covered. Kick things off by focusing on the key staple that makes or breaks El Paso properties: iron doors.

Here’s a roundup of El Paso’s top residential architectural styles and iron doors to help you get started:

Modern Architectural Style

El Paso homes are known for their gorgeous modern architectural style that’s a sight for sore eyes. Over the years, homeowners have mastered the art of fusing modern elements with the overarching rustic residential scheme of Texas.

Here’s how you can pull off this residential look like a seasoned pro. Start by taking down unnecessary walls in your home. The modern architectural style stands out for its airy, open, and expansive look. If your property features excessive walls, it’s very likely that your space will appear cramped, cluttered, and smaller than it really is. Taking down extra walls that don’t serve a purpose will help you add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Once that’s taken care of, indulge in a pair of modern iron doors that fit your property like a glove. As a rule of thumb, your iron front doors should complement the overall design and décor of your space. Incongruity, no matter how subtle, can make your home appear less compelling and feel less inviting.

Look for wrought iron entry doors that (a) match your residential style and (b) infuse your space with El Paso’s grandeur. We recommend opting for gorgeous double flat iron doors with ornate scrollwork. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, indulge in a transom and sidelights to take your property’s curb appeal to new heights.

Country Residential Style

El Paso’s love for all-things-country runs deep. If your home is decked out in ranch-inspired design and décor, you don’t have to do much; you’ve already hit the nail on the head!

Add a touch of modern serenity to your space by opting for double arched wrought iron doors with intricate scrollwork that instantly catches the eye. We also recommend doing the classic country residential architectural style justice by indulging in vaulted wood beam ceilings. The angles and bends will make your property appear larger and infuse it with rustic elegance.

When it comes to accessorizing, less is more. Opt for rattan and wicker accessories to enliven your home without going overboard. Avoid gaudy textures and patterns to keep your home from looking overdone. Let the luxurious doors and ceilings do all the talking!

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Minimalistic Residential Style

A few decades ago, you wouldn’t have found a trace of minimalism in El Paso. Today, however, the story unravels a little differently. Over the years, El Paso has developed a newfound appreciation for all-things-minimalistic.

It’s important to note that this trend isn’t for everyone. If you like going all out on residential design and décor, you don’t have to cut back. However, if you think your space needs to be stripped down a tad, you don’t have to worry about breaking El Paso’s design rules as minimalism is trending like nobody’s business.

Start by reworking your interior palette. Incorporate more whites, nudes, and pastels into your color scheme. Remember, you have free rein. Don’t hesitate to balance neutrals with bright colors—albeit in moderation. Opt for an 80:20 ratio for balancing neutrals and vivid colors.

Once you’ve perfected your residential palette, shift your attention to your iron exterior doors. We recommend opting for a pair of stunning single iron doorswith scrollwork. You can experiment with unique glass options, including flemish, ribbed, rain, low-e (low emissivity), frost, aquatex, and tea.

Once you find exactly what you’re looking for, take a step back and gauge whether it complements your interior design and décor. This will help you make an informed purchase that flatters your space.

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Transitional Residential Style

Simple, sophisticated, serene. As the perfect blend of modern and traditional elements, the transitional residential style is easily one of the most cohesive and harmonious styles in the rulebook.

To pull it off, incorporate wooden beams into your space while leaving the ceiling untouched. This will add a touch of traditional tranquility to your space without taking away from the modern feel. Indulge in a pair of sleek iron French doors that exude elegance and luxuriousness.As long as you artfully combine modern and traditional elements, you can’t go wrong!

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