How To Remove Snow From Solar Panels on a Roof

As winter approaches and the ground prepares to be covered in a blanket of snow, those residing in snowy regions might encounter a common challenge – snow on solar panels. The harmony between solar panels and snow isn’t ideal, but fear not! This article presents five simple tips to help you clear the accumulated white stuff and restore clean energy use in your home.

1. Foam-Headed Snow Broom

A foam-headed broom with long, ball-shaped fibers is a handy tool for removing snow from solar panels. It works well for both slippery ice and heavy accumulations, though it may require a bit of elbow grease.

2. Spray Water

Using water to remove snow is effective, but it’s not recommended in extremely cold weather. A garden hose or water spray can help melt stubborn ice without applying heat. Be cautious not to damage the panels or spray gutter guards.

3. Shovel It

Opt for a plastic shovel from your local hardware shop to gently remove snow from solar panels. Plastic shovels are equipped with a malleable blade that can be bent at different angles, making them suitable for clearing snow between panels. Avoid using metal rakes or poles to prevent the risk of electrocution.

4. Blow the Snow Off

A leaf blower, whether electric or gas-powered, can effectively clear snow from solar panels. This method may not be 100% effective with heavy residue, but it provides a quick solution to get panels snow-free.

5. Roof Heating Device Installation

Consider investing in a roof heater if snow removal becomes a constant winter challenge. This technology minimizes ice formation, protecting your solar panel investment. Ensure your warranty covers roof heating devices before installation. The best part? You can disconnect them once the snow is gone, eliminating the need for manual snow removal.

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