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When you’re moving to a new house, getting house removalists in Melbourne to help you out is a wonderful way to make the entire process easier. For a stress-free moving day, hire EasyMove to come along and pack up their truck with your belongings. We are a Melbourne moving company who offer an amazing range of premium quality services to our clients.

When you’re booking in professional moving services for your home, it’s hard to know how many movers you will need. It depends on several factors; how much furniture you own, how large your house is, and what services you require. Let’s explore how many movers you should book for your upcoming move.

Relevant Factors

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself to determine how many movers you need:

How Large is The House?

The bigger your home is, the more movers you will need. It only makes sense that a 6-bedroom home is likely to contain more than a 2-bedroom apartment. Not only do you likely have more belongings, but a large home adds to the complexity of the move. Taking the time to shift furniture up and down stairs takes more time than moving a one storey home, for example.

How Big and Heavy Are the Items?

If you have some heavy and difficult items, you will likely need more movers to speed up the process. Plus, it is likely going to take more than one mover to lift something heavy like a piano or pool table. That’s why EasyMove offer pool table moving services – so that you don’t have to try lifting heavy and awkward pieces yourself.

What’s the Distance from the Front Door to The Moving Van?

Another factor that adds complexity to a move is how far away from the front door the moving van will need to be parked. The further the movers will need to shift your furniture and boxes, the longer it will take them. So, if there is no spot to park the van close to the entrance to your home, you will need to allow for the move to take extra time.

What Services Do I Require?

Our professional moving services that are included in the hourly rate consist of a van and the number of movers of your choice. However, here at EasyMove, we are luxury movers. That means that we provide numerous extra services to our customers. For example, we don’t charge extra for our team to reassemble your furniture after they move it. However, this will increase the time the move takes and so you may need more movers.

Another service we provide is pool table moving. This takes a lot of planning and care due to the weight and delicate nature of the table. Of course, a pool table cannot be moved by just one person so you will need more movers if you require this service.

How Many Movers Do I Need?

You might try to save money on moving by hiring fewer movers. However, this won’t work out cheaper in the long run as you pay for movers by the hour, not at a flat rate. So, what would take one mover 12 hours across two days would take two movers 6 hours. Hire the right number of movers and save yourself hundreds of dollars!

We’ll give you an example. Say that your property requires 10 hours’ worth of moving work. If you move on a weekday, you could pay for 1 removalist and the truck at a rate of $105 per hour. 105 x 10 = $1050. Or you could hire 2 removalists and the truck at a rate of $127 per hour and it will take half the time. 127 x 5 = $635. So, save yourself $415 AND lessen your move to just 5 hours!

1 – 2 Bedroom Home – An apartment or small 1-2 bedroom home shouldn’t contain too much stuff. A standard one may require roughly 10 hours’ worth of work. The best practice for this is to hire 2 movers and your move will take around 5 hours.

2 – 3 Bedroom Home – A 2-3 bedroom home usually contains a bit more stuff than a smaller property. In this case, it can take around 18 hours to complete the move. That’s why it’s recommended that you book 3 movers – so that your total move time is around 6 hours.

3 – 4 Bedroom Home – A larger home can take about 24 hours to move. You can do this with 3 movers, and it could take them about 8 hours all up.

4 + Bedroom Home or Office Building – Bigger homes as well as office spaces take far more time. The more possessions, the longer it takes. So, allow for this and hire more movers to ensure that you still have a seamless and efficient move.

Why Choose EasyMove?

EasyMove are your expert house removalists in Melbourne who can take on a move of any size. We have a fit and capable team who will have you and your family or office moved quickly and safely. We take care of your belongings to ensure that they remain completely intact and without damage.

Here at EasyMove, we are luxury movers who offer a wide variety of services to our customers. We are the one-stop shop for all things moving, so if you need furniture stored, your stuff packed up, or furniture reassembled – we do it all! We can even relocate entire commercial premises and do the end of lease cleaning for you. When you enlist our help, you get so much more than just a pair of hands to help with the heavy lifting.

If you’re still not sure how many movers you need for your specific requirements, give us a call. One of our friendly team will talk you through it so that we can make a plan for your upcoming move. Contact us now by giving us a ring or filling in the online form.

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