Luxury Vinyl Flooring

About 30 years ago, no one could have imagined that a synthetic polymer from the group of thermoplastics under the name polyvinyl chloride would become so widespread as a floor covering. A wide range of offered finishing materials baffles even experienced buyers, and what can we say about ordinary buyers? The latest generation of luxury vinyl tiles, laminate, and sheet vinyl flooring is as durable and beautiful as any other. And since vinyl remains one of the most accessible materials to install, this PVC flooring is a big hit with do-it-yourself homeowners.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Styles

What distinguishes modern, high-quality tiles from their predecessors is their appearance. Unsightly design and an almost complete lack of variety are a thing of the past. The new vinyl flooring mimics any natural material and does it so well that most people can’t immediately tell the difference between vinyl and natural material.

It can look like wood, stone, ceramic tile, metal, bamboo, marble, and even tiled wood parquet. Whatever floor you want, vinyl laminate or vinyl floor tiles can perfectly mimic its look.

Selection Recommendations

The flooring must serve at least several years, so you should approach the choice responsibly. Carefully study the available data about manufacturers – official websites, catalogs, brochures, etc. Proceed from the following criteria:

  • Room type. For residential and household, inexpensive home, or semi-commercial linoleum collections, vinyl tiles up to class 33 are suitable. Commercial grade 33 or higher grade heterogeneous or homogeneous linoleum, vinyl, and quartz-vinyl floors (tile, laminate) are ideal for commercial and industrial use.

  • Load class. Do not save or purchase the cheapest household series linoleum for the office. It is impractical, and you must change it again next year. At the same time, buying expensive semi-commercial or commercial linoleum or class 43 LVT tiles for living rooms is unnecessary since it wastes money.

  • Design. In an apartment or house, you can create a truly unique design with the help of modular vinyl tiles in different sizes and colors. For offices and commercial premises, choosing linoleum in soothing colors is better. A monolithic commercial coating of a non-staining beige or gray color is preferable for industrial and warehouse premises.

  • Base type. The calendar base of vinyl tiles will withstand any household load: from frequent walking to heavy cabinets. If you need to insulate the floor, then it is better to choose linoleum based on synthetic felt or thick foamed PVC (at least 3 mm). But for offices, you need a denser base, like quartz-vinyl tiles and commercial linoleum.

  • Mounting method. Vinyl coatings can be laid on any ground (except wood): concrete, ceramic tiles, laminate, prefabricated sheet rough floors (plywood, OSB, chipboard).


Vinyl flooring is pushing its eminent competitors. But in the building supply stores, you can find floor coverings for every taste. In addition to the almost limitless design possibilities, vinyl flooring is also straightforward to install, adding to its popularity among owners of private houses and apartments. Once the new tile, laminate, or vinyl sheets are in place, you must take care of them to keep them in good shape for as long as possible.

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