What To Think Before Hiring A Moving Company

Moving homes will be very hectic and when they are done all by people themselves it will be more hectic. People might think that hiring a truck or van will be costly but instead of struggling to move everything by themselves, it is advisable to hire a Raleigh moving company.

What will be the rental cost for a moving truck?

On average, the moving truck will cost between $120 and $200 if the move that is involved is in the local areas. If it is for long-distance rides, the cost of renting a truck will be $1500 and $2300.

But these rental costs will not include the gas costs that might be required in order to reach the destination.

The truck might need to be fueled at least once and an average rental truck will get a mileage of 6 to 14 miles per gallon of gas.

Moving expenses that are to be considered

Before hiring any moving company like raleigh moving company the following expenses are to be noted and taken into account.

  •     The cost of the movers who have to pack the things and transport them to new homes. The cost of the movers will be dependent on the number of the items and their weight and even on the distance to which they have to be moved.
  •     The cost of the vehicle that is used to transport the items and the persons are should be taken into consideration.
  •     The cost of the supplies that are required to pack the belongings in order to move them to the destination. These items include boxes, tape, and shrink wraps.

Ways to move belongings out of state:

The cheapest way of moving out of state is not hiring movers like raleigh moving company and moving everything on their own. But this will not result in good results even though this may cost a lot of money.

There are some cheaper ways in which belongings can be moved to other new places. Some of them include

  1.     Renting a moving truck which is a known and most used way which usually costs up to $1200 depending on the distance.
  2.     For relatively small moves, renting a cargo trailer is recommended as it is possible to hitch a ride on the back of the vehicle.
  3.     Another cheapest way is to hire friends and family for helping to move things and this is relatively cheap and more economical.
  4.     If items are not required immediately, shipping them in moving containers is recommended as that can store and be taken after some time.
  5.     If moving things can be troublesome and too expensive then it is better to sell things as this will reduce the space that will be occupied by the things in the truck.


In order to have a peaceful move, it is better to create a moving checklist by writing all the things that are to be moved to a new place. There will be some additional charges involved like packing services, handling of bulky items, movement of appliances as this should be done with utmost care.

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