Upgrade to A New Electric Fire for the Home

As the winter approaches, many will likely spend a significant part of their leisure time at home curled up by the fireplace. Admittedly, there is a great calmness in watching wood crackle in a fireplace. Apart from the lovely warmth it emanates, it fills the home with a woodsy smell many people find welcoming.

However, you can upgrade your old fireplace to an electric fire, which serves the same purpose. It does not require a chimney and all the intensive work with an old fireplace. Fortunately, an upgrade does not include an expensive makeover or a lengthy period to install. Read on to find out how and why you should get an electric fire warming your home this winter.

Making A New Electric Fire Look Real

When purchasing electric fires, the ideal choice is to look out for one which is forty inches high. This measurement helps create a realistic fire when installed in the home. Go further to create an ambience around your electric fire. Install proportional cabinets on both sides of the electric fire. In the absence of cabinets, you have the liberty to place shelves on each side and be generous in accessorising them.

High above the new electric fire installation, hang a reasonably sized mirror to create an elegant fireplace. As a tip, avoid sizes that dwarf the fireplace, ultimately making the spot look insignificant. It is worthy to note that the electric fireplace is the room’s focal point, and everything you do should enhance the look.

Health Benefits of an Electric Fire

Electric fires do not pose carbon monoxide risk and do not require chimneys to extract smoke from within to the outdoors. Each type uses an internal air purifier, is versatile, and gives you the option to regulate the heat and flames at any given time. Most importantly, there are various remodelling ideas to choose from when you decide on a plugged-in fireplace.

Safety Precautions

Although an electric fire is a healthier option than a traditional one, there are still some precautions every user should adhere to. It would be helpful to pay particular attention to the electrical wiring and fuses that make it work. In case you opted for an enormous electric fireplace, you may need professional help to inspect your wiring to protect the home against electrical surges.

Electricians advise users to be mindful of heat discharge methods in the home. If the installation is unprofessional, the electric fire might overheat and cause safety risks to all at home. For this reason, keep flammable objects far away from the new fire set. It is dangerous to mount a TV over an electric fireplace that uses a top discharge.

A new electric fire set for the home may be an obvious choice for people who love to enjoy tradition with a modern twist. It is an excellent way to invest money ahead of the coming winter. Besides, with a wide range to choose from, users have the option to select pieces that suit individual budgets.

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