Types of Trenchers

The construction industry has evolved a lot today, mainly because of the development of machinery that boost productivity in jobs being executed. Usually, numerous tasks are involved in the construction space and one of the is trenching which leads us to look deeper into the types of trenchers in the marketplace. One of the firms that sell the state-of-the-art ditchers is the Site van Adrighem, which also provide advise based on the clients’ needs. Therefore, for one to dig a trench, these are the diverse equipment to choose from.

1.Portable Trencher

The portable trenchers, the smallest dedicated trench-digging tools, utilize the chain or blade that rotates like a rotary lawn mower to dig trenches. The units are normally lightweight, around 200 pounds, as well as easily maneuverable which are sometimes used in concurrence with other types of machines to finish lawn as well as landscaping care jobs. The common applications for the portable trenchers: cutting trenches for irrigation lines, installing landscape edging, installing utility connection such as coaxial cables.

2.Chain Trencher

The chain trencher is an alternative option for the large projects that resembles a giant chainsaw. The structure of the chain trencher is usually a chain wrapped around a rounded metal frame and a boom. Other types of chain trenchers, the boom can be adjusted at fixed angles to make it possible to make specific cut types. The application areas for the chain trencher are excavate trenches in rocks, cut narrow, deep trenches due to its flexibility, ideal for rural areas as well as dig trenches for drainage, telecommunication.

3.Micro Trencher

The structure of the micro trencher is 1-5 inches in width and a maximum of 20 inches in depth. The machine uses a cutting wheel particularly designed to function in tighter spaces like the city or an urban area. It is worth mentioning that the diminished trench size will cause lower disturbance of your construction site as well as the volume of waste. These are some of the pros of the micro trencher: sometimes radio-controlled, effective for sidewalks, cuts through solid stone, digs smaller trenches for optical fiber connections and cuts pavements for road maintenance.

4.Rock wheel Trencher

The rock wheel equipment is characterized by toothed metal wheel that acts as a digging implement and better than a giant circular saw. It is worth noting that the rock wheel trencher can handle work more effectively and efficiently than a chain trencher. The teeth of this machinery are typically made of either sturdy steel or tungsten and usually removable because the nature of work, tear and wear is expected. The design of the wheel allows the machine to cut at a constant angle to the ground. The application areas for the rock wheel equipment are cutting blocks in soil, works well in both soft and hard soils and cuts pavement for underground utilities maintenance. Also, the trencher is less expensive to operate compared to chain trenchers.

In conclusion, depending on the application area, there are a variety of trenchers to choose from. The trench equipment are used in large construction projects are portable trencher, chain trencher, micro trencher and the rock wheel trencher.

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