Totaline Thermostat Problems and How to Solve Them

Essentially, the thermostat helps control any heating and cooling equipment, including forced air and radiant ceiling systems. Also, most people use a thermostat for their home comfort, like in maintaining perfect home temperatures.

But, while using thermostats, they may fail to work or work falsely, heat extremely, and sometimes show inaccurate temperatures, among other problems. This article discusses some of the common issues people experience while using totaline thermostat and the practical ways to fix them.

Here is a list of the thermostat’s problems and their fixes:

Unresponsive Buttons

Button failing to work is a common problem most thermostat users have reported. Sure, sometimes the button may fail to respond even after long-pressing it. This often happens when the keypad is locked.  Unlock the keypad by simultaneously pressing the “MODE” button up and down to solve this problem.

Showing Inaccurate Temperature Readings

Thermostats may show inaccurate readings due to miscalibration. Of course, there are times when thermostats may calibrate themselves by pressing a single key. To lit the display:

  • Press the MODE and DOWN button for about 2-3 seconds. Once the temperature settings appear on the screen;
  • Adjust the settings with the “UP” and “DOWN” button
  • Press the “MODE” button to exit

Black screen during operation

There are situations when the display goes black during heating processes. This majorly happens when there is a problem with the thermostat battery, especially when it is discharged.  Or when the furnace reaches its high-temperature limits.

Therefore, it would be safe to save the totaline thermostat by ensuring it’s regularly charged and maintained. And for the case of high-temperature limits, trip the furnace and ensure it cools.

Heating and Cooling at the Same Time

The most common reasons for such problems can be the wrong setting of the heat pump or when the heat pump is disturbed.  In solving this issue, go to set up and tweak the heat pump. Another option is to turn off the heat pump from the setup point.

Fun Failing to Start Heating

Some heating settings may cause the fun to stop or fail to start operating. When this happens, turn the electric heater on, then change the setting in the thermostat to resemble the room’s preferred needs.

Thermostat unit running reverse

Sometimes, the thermostat would be heating when it’s set to cool. At the same time, it may be cooling when it’s set to heat. This occurs when the heat pump setting is faulty or wrong. To solve this, go to the setting and make a simple change or replace the heating pump settings.

Thermostat losing clock time

Thermostats may lose time if the furnace has reached its high-temperature limits and trips. In other words, once the temperature exceeds the safety function state of the thermostat, the heater would shut off burners or the 24VAC that leads to the thermostat. Once the thermostat loses power, it will stop running.

Unfortunately, the furnace will keep running, and the chances are that the owner may fail to detect that the furnace remains at its position or when the thermostat screen has gone blank. After the temperature is down, the thermostat may show time. However, the time shown might be lower than the normal. This is due to the power shortage or cuts in the thermostat.

To solve some of these issues, please check the dirty filters in the burners of the thermostat. Then counter-check the cause of the high temperature.

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