Keep Premises Clean and Installing Insect Screens to Prevent Flies

If you work in the hospitality industry, then you might have problems with flies and insects. These are a part of your everyday life. No matter what methods you take to curb them, they always find their way back. This can be a major setback, especially for your restaurant or pub as guests might get annoyed and think your place to be unhygienic.

Getting to the Root Cause of your Problem

You might always be a cleanliness freak and keep your restaurant or bar spik and span. You might even be using the best disinfectants, but these unwanted guests pave their way back to your restaurant. Here is where you need to find out the root cause of the problem.

There are many species of flies and not all of them are attracted to food or leftovers. Some might even get attracted to damp places or garbage dumpsters near your restaurant. Common species of flies that can be found are house flies and fruit flies.

House flies are attracted mostly to decayed food and can be found wherever there is trash. Fruit flies, as the name suggests, get attracted to fruits and vegetables which are overripe or decayed.

First, you need to understand why the flies keep coming to your restaurant? Check out all nooks and corners of your restaurant for openings and cracks. If you find that the main source is windows, then you can opt for commercial fly screens that can be bought from companies such as Premier Screens Ltd, located in Accrington in North England, and London in South England.

The company is one of the leading insect screen manufacturers in the UK, having 25 years of experience. You can shop online and order from different varieties and styles of screens at your convenience. They have a dedicated team of experts who can help with your queries and recommend the best screening solutions for your restaurant.

Tips to Keep These Pesky Creatures at Bay

Below are some tips that can be followed to keep insects and flies at bay:

  • Ensure that your nearby surroundings and clean
  • If you have dumpsters or trash cans located near your restaurants, ensure that they are securely shut
  • Have the garbage disposed of in sealed bags regularly
  • Seal any open cracks that can be possible entry points for flies
  • Keep all your fruits and vegetables sealed or locked away
  • Inspect for clogged drainages or pipes and have them cleaned regularly
  • Install fans in entrances to prevent flies from entering
  • Purchase electric insect killers to capture these pesky creatures
  • Ensure that you always train your staff to maintain proper hygiene standards

Installing fly screens can help resolve your issue of fly entry restriction. If you have a serious case of fly infestation, then you can contact professional pest management companies and avail of their treatment and services. They will inspect your premises and offer the right preventive measures.


It is always best to have preventive measures in place, even if you do not have insect issues. Make the most of the summer by attracting customers to your fly-free restaurant.

Keeping the flies away from your patio is easier than you think. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep them at bay for good and you will get rid of flies on patio.

Citronella oil is a favored choice for those looking to keep flies away during the warmer months. Available in various forms such as candles, oils, or sprays, Citronella for flies can be a great addition to your fly-repelling arsenal. Despite this, it is noted that its effectiveness can be short-lived, requiring frequent reapplication or use to maintain a fly-free space.

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