Improve the lawn with Unlimited Lawn care and see the difference

When the owner gets a backyard where a lawn can be made with some great patio design then it needs to be maintained too. But not most people understand its value and soon the lovely-looking lawn turns into one of the junkyards. Lawn maintenance certainly is not easy but with professional services like unlimited lawn care, at least many things can be handled in a better manner. It is important to maintain the lawn as the natural defense of the lawn can thus increase its lifespan. Besides, problems like spots and fairy rings or shade also get covered from the root.

Easy tips that can work:

It’s time to adjust the height:

Generally, for the grasses meant for the cool climate the height for cutting 1-1/2 in. is appropriate especially if it is the first moving of the year. This way the dead grass will be removed. Besides, it also lets the garden get much-needed sunlight that eventually gives grass plants a better nourishment treat. It is also important to increase the blade when it is summer. Probably two inches more, in that case, can be helpful. Again, the lower blade can be 1-1/2 in. for the last cutting. In case there is warm climate grass the height would be around ½ inches low. When the bald height is adjusted, it is important to measure the hard surface at the bottom of the mower deck. Most of the blades usually sit 1/4 in. above the deck bottom.

Make use of the Sharp Mower Blade

This can be a great tip for lawn maintenance. To have the grass well cut and well maintained, it is better than grass be cleaned well and in an even manner. If there is any dull grass noticed then tearing is a better option instead of cutting it cleanly. Often the grass that is damaged can turn yellow which means it needs more water and nourishment for recovery. It often becomes susceptible to diseases. If the blade compounds are not balanced then there could be some possible problems that can destroy the bearings of the low mover. A blade must be sharpened and balanced three times every year. This way a cutting edge is well maintained.

Soaking is always better than sprinkling:

Cindering from a water-saving point of view or for deep root nourishment, it is always better to let the grass soak the water rather than providing ample sprinkle. If there is quite a sprinkling done that too often then it can moisten just the grass for the sofa surface. Besides, it would even encourage shallow roots for good growth. Good growth, clearly means that those roots would need more watering. Lawns usually need 1 to 2 in. watering to be done on a weekly basis.


These are just a few of the tips that need to be followed. In case the lawns are not watered then expect a shallow growth of the root. With some professional care from services like Unlimited Lawn Care, at least the growth and better lifespan are assured.

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