Important Features Of A Security Alarm That Facilitates Its Functioning

Security alarms are an advanced kind of security system that prevents unauthorized persons’ entry into residential or commercial buildings. Increased burglaries led to the advancements that gave birth to the security systems to enhance the security systems to protect both people and families. Several security companies have adopted the advancement with a quick response time to the alerts whenever a risky situation arises. Among the companies is SSD Alarm, a residential and commercial alarm monitoring and security systems company that has been in operation since 1968. The quality service provided by the company prevents loss of both lives and property, thereby maintaining a safe community. The alarm system is quite sophisticated with several features that include:

Alarm control panel (ACP)

The ACP is the key part of the alarm security company alarm system since it acknowledges and records all the alarm activities. It acts as the brain of the whole system to determine if the access is allowed or an intruded entry has been tried. The ACP reads the sensor inputs, records the arm, disarm status, and signal intrusions to ensure that the security of the place gets maintained. The ACP location varies with the different devices; some have them within the keypad, other human-machine interfaces, or sealed plastic boxes placed out in the open.


Sensors are the alarm security company devices that detect unauthorized entry and get located within the perimeter of the protected area. The sensors operate through different methods by monitoring the openings of doors and windows or rarely occupied or used interiors to detect sound, motion, vibration, among other disturbances.

Alerting devices

The alerting devices produce the resultant sounds, which inform the involved parties of a possible break-in, provoking them to respond quickly to save the situation. Some of the most common alarm conditions for alarm security companies include sirens, flashing lights, and bells. Additionally, the devices scare burglars, preventing them from doing whatever they had planned since their presence has been noticed. The device also informs the occupants of other dangers such as fire and smoke occurrence. The devices get linked to the authorities. When the alarm goes off in a specific location, the authorities get an alert too, which prompts a fast response in dire situations that would have been catastrophic if there were delays.


The alarm security company keypads enable an individual to enable and disable the alarm system and are connected to the alerting devices and the ACP. The keypad allows individuals to set them to unlock pins recorded within the alarm system. When a different password is used repeatedly, the alerting devices are activated to produce an unauthorized entry signal. The keypad is a small device mounted on the wall and has a multi-character display that guides the user when unlocking the system. Also, the keypad can have indicator lights to show command success or failures, such as a green light to indicate the access granted and a red light to show the wrong unlock password.

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