How To Choose The Perfect Wrought Iron Balcony Railing?

There are various aspects to consider when designing a house, the exterior included. wrought iron balcony metal railing is no exception as it’s a vital part of the façade giving the best first impression of the space and boosting the property’s value. These classic finishing touches are durable, long-lasting, customizable, and easy to maintain, but selecting the best for the houses can leave homeowners with endless options. This article enlists some time that will help homeowners find the perfect decorative wrought iron balcony railing.

Know the Installation Spot for the Railing

The mount type is a vital factor in determining the wrought iron balcony metal railing type. Usually, three common ways are used by professionals to mount wrought iron railings- direct wall fixture, floor or deck mounting, and mounting the frame via joist, side, or fascia mount.

Outdoor balcony railings demand more than indoor railings, especially when it comes to providing privacy and security to the building. Homeowners should invest in durable, strong, and higher wrought iron balcony railings if security is the primary concern. And to maintain privacy, it’s recommended to have an ornate iron railing with covered panels.

Choose the Balcony Railing Design Matching the Home’s Exterior Design Theme

Aesthetic matters; thus, prioritize it when designing the wrought iron balcony railing. The design theme of the home’s exterior will help one determine the railing’s design. Moreover, it’s worth consulting a professional wrought iron fabricator for a design matching the look of the building’s exterior.

Consider the Size and Strength of the Wrought Iron Balcony Railing

When choosing the size and strength of the wrought iron balcony railing, consider the purpose of getting the railing. A heavy-pressure environment or place having higher chances of intruders breaking in will demand robust and thick balcony metal railing.

Determine the Budget and Timeline for the Railing Installation

One of the most meaningful and practical ways an individual can narrow down his wrought iron balcony railing choices is based on his budget and timeline. For instance, pre-designed ironwork suits people with lower budgets and shorter timelines. On the other hand, getting the wrought iron balcony railing customized may require more time, cost, and effort.

Know the Community Regulations on Railing Installation

Some localities have codes specifying the height of balcony railings and their type of placement. If an individual doesn’t comply with these community regulations, he can be penalized or asked to replace the railing. Therefore, remember to check with the local community office for the regulations related to the size, type of placement, or height of wrought iron balcony railings.


Wrought iron balcony railings are available in different styles, sizes, and patterns. Since railings add value to the properties, homeowners should maintain them for a long time. Wrought iron balcony railings are durable and long-lasting; however, when installed outdoors, they require protection against extreme elements, like moisture, UV rays, etc. To prevent these railings from rusting, prep the wrought iron railing with primer and paints. Furthermore, always get the balcony railing from a professional and reputable railing fabricator.

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