How Do You Get Rid of a Sofa in London?

It can be a big pain – physically – to get rid of a sofa or sofa bed. They’re heavy, awkward, and difficult to manoeuvre, and there are a bunch of new heavy lifting injury concerns to consider if you move it alone. Also, not to mention the possibility of property damage.

When you factor in the approaching deadline for the new sofa’s arrival, as well as the feared prospect of not being able to get rid of the old one before the new one arrives, it’s easy to see why sofa removal London might feel like a stress-inducing burden.

The Issue of Sofa Removal

Because of their size, these items are generally difficult to dispose of and can’t be simply left on the streets. You can contact your local council for sofa removal (but you will be charged for) and please also be aware that it might take at least two weeks for someone to come over and take your sofa.

Another alternative is to hire a van or another type of vehicle and drive to the local recycling centre to dispose your old sofa.

Other possible ways for getting rid of your sofa is to list it to online groups for second hand furniture disposal.

Online Marketplace

You can create an ad on your local online marketplace using Facebook. This is a simple and quick way to get started: simply snap some images and post them online to see if anyone is interested. You might actually be able to sell your sofa, or if the sofa is in poor shape, you can offer it free of charge.

Charities and Free Sofa Collection Services

Several charities will pick up your old couch for free, including huge and well-known nationwide charities like the BHF, as well as smaller local charities that support specific local issues. Sofas, because of their size, can be less acceptable to a charity with limited room and charities will not take sofas without their fire safety label.

Recycle Your Sofa

Essentially, sofas are not easy to recycle, and recycling your sofa may incur more costs than simply throwing it away, so choosing the right operator is crucial.

Manually dismantling these sofas is time-consuming and not currently financially viable. This implies that, in many situations, sofa recycling entails shredding as well as mechanical separation and sorting, which requires the use of costly plants and gear.

If you have access to a van and your sofa is in good condition, rather than tossing it in a skip, consider dropping it off at the tip’s re-use section, which is usually at the entrance or exit.

Sofa removal companies in London

If you need your sofa to be removed quickly, then hire professional sofa removal company in London such as JunkBGone. You can call them or book online often for the same day collection service. JunkBGone has excellent rating and will provide you with hassle free sofa removal service in London. 


A lot of the issues with sofa recycling aren’t your fault or even the council’s. Most sofas aren’t built with re-use, recycling, or material recovery in mind right now. Therefore, you should be careful how you decide to recycle or get rid of your sofa. Arguably, the best possible option is to hire professional sofa removal company.

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