Home Preparation Before New Floor Installation

With proper care hardwood flooring has proven to last for decades. It not only offers durability, but makes your space look luxurious. Hardwood flooring installation needs an experienced and reliable contractor. You can get the best one around your locality because every Australian flooring suppliers, contractors, and flooring related service providers are present on the FlooringDomain platform. It is a one-stop platform for every flooring need.

Besides hiring the best floor installer, you will need to take care of some things before they come for installation.

Why prep for flooring installation in advance?

You may be wondering why you need to prep because you are paying them to remove the trims or doors. It is wise to do simple things, so the contractor concentrates his time and effort on floor installation instead of other peripheral activities like turning the heating system off or tape up plastic. Some steps will even help to limit the dust.

Control the dust

During wooden flooring installation, dust is a major issue homeowner’s experience. Several floor installers take basic precautions of containing the dust but with some help from you, it helps.

  • Seal other rooms which mean not just closing the doors but using plastic sheets to cover the doorway.
  • Place plastic sheet surrounding the worksite widely. Just keep the worksite clear, so the installers have space for doing their task.
  • Heating ducts along with other opening need to get taped up with plastic to avoid airborne dust from flowing across the house. Turn off the HVAC system completely [not lower the thermostat], before sealing the ducts.

Remove doors

Installers will remove doors, but you can DIY and store them safely. Door removal from hinges is an easy DIY project. You will need help and tools like a small hammer and nail to tap the hinge pin, out. Make sure to use a blanket between each door while stacking to prevent scratches.

Remove baseboard

Removing baseboards offer installers sufficient space to install planks closer to the walls. You can even replace the old baseboard with new ones after wood flooring installation.

Remove door trim

If flooring installers remove the moldings, they cut it to allow new flooring slip beneath. If you remove it completely the appearance achieved makes a difference. The installer gets a chance to fit boards tightly around the door frame. You can reinstall or re-trim the doorway with new molding. You get an even and polished look if the door trims get removed.

Prepare subfloor

Flooring installers hardly spend their time working on subfloor unless it is mentioned in the contract. A less than perfect subfloor can cause poor new flooring installation. If you fix the imperfections before the installer arrives, the new flooring will fit in smoothly and tightly without any flaws.

Other things to consider are pet’s safety, remove delicate and valuable items, clear room furniture, and prepare an area for waste disposal. Now, you are equipped with knowledge about how to prep your home before the flooring installer arrives, it is time to post your project needs in detail on the FlooringDomain site. Look for more flooring-related service providers on this platform.

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