Guide to choose a perfect bean bag

A bean bag is a most loved piece of furniture. Apart from being comfortable, it is an easy and best accessory to decorate your home. Bean bags are not only easy to move, light, but affordable and portable too.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colour, an additional sitting for a modern apartment. They can be even customized – from fabric to shape, therefore, ideal for everyone’s specific need.

The material used to make bean bags are endless, including corduroy, cotton, faux leather, real leather, faux fur, faux suede and many more. You can purchase bean bags for both outdoor and indoor use.

Here are some useful tips to choose the perfect bean bag:

  • Fabric of the bean bag

Often people forget to check what the bean bag is made of and just choose it if it looks good. Bean bags are mostly made from soft polyester for indoor use, or artificial leather that is suitable for both outdoors as well as indoors.

Artificial leather is easy to maintain, if you have small children or pets around. Bean bag must be made from two strong fabrics: outside bag which can be washed, and elastic textile inside the bag, filled with beads.

  • Extra room at parties

If you love to entertain guests a lot, or used to host house parties, you definitely need an extra seating. For such situations, a classic tear drop bean bag is the perfect choice.

People can easily drag the bag to a spot they want, adjust it, the way they want to use, as a chair or a recliner. These bean bags you can even stack it in a room or an attic or flatten it out and keep it under your bed.

  • Experiment with attractive prints

If you are bored with the regular leather bean bags, you can even enhance your home’s décor, by choosing stylish printed bean bags.

They not only look trendy but gives you scope to experiment, add tinge to your personality to every space in your home and mix and match too with other things around.

  • Add a sporty look

If you love sports, use a bean bag to add a sporty touch to your room, especially, suited for rooms of young and teenage children. Go with a football-theme or keep you can even keep things subdued with sporty and colourful trims – choose from a wide range of bean bags.

  • Functionality

For yard, terrace, and lake shore or outside, it is best to choose bean bags which are comfortable to sit and place drinks and snacks. It is one of the perfect choice to avoid too much of furniture in one space.

When choosing for indoors, it is important to evaluate the size of the space of your house, so that it would not appear crowded.

Nowadays, you can even shop online for a huge variety of bean bags. One of the best places to shop for a perfect bean bag is Ivory & Deene, 100% Australian owned and operated company. See here for comfort bean bag online collection that will add style to home decor. They offer a stunning collection of oversized bean bags in a variety of patterns and an array of colours.

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