End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in London

Every landlord or property owner needs an end of tenancy cleaning service in London at some stage. Using a service like this can set the cleanliness standard for your when your new tenants move in.

According to Citi Clean the importance of an end of tenancy clean is often overlooked and undervalued by property owners and tenants that want to save some pounds. That can be a grave mistake and could cost much more than a cleaning service.

If you consider all the equipment and products that you have to purchase, it could make quite a dent in your pocket. Besides hiring a carpet cleaner, there are a lot of other products and equipment that are needed.

List of Equipment Needed for End of Tenancy Clean:

  • Paint and painting equipment
  • High-pressure hose for driveway or roof cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning machine

Just these few items can cost you a pretty penny when looking to do the end-of-tenancy clean by yourself. A cleaning service has all these items in stock and can provide you with a quote.

Your household may contain some of the products, but you might need to get some things at the store.

List of Products Needed for End of Tenancy Clean:

  • Carpet shampoo
  • Upholstery cleaning liquid
  • Polish to shine fixtures and fittings
  • Window cleaner
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaner
  • Paint

So, as you can see, you do need quite a few items when embarking on an end-of-tenancy cleaning journey. By getting in contact with a local end-of-tenancy cleaning service, you can end up saving yourself a lot of time and money.

How Long Does an End of Tenancy Clean Take?

Well, this depends on a range of factors, but mainly includes your property size and number of bedrooms.

On average, you are looking between 3 hours to 1 day, but some services even offer a 48-hour turnaround time on large properties.

As you can see, they end up saving you a heap of time when you need to get your end-of-tenancy clean done.

What Is the Average Cost of an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in London?

Your local end-of-tenancy cleaner in London should be able to give you a more accurate quote, but we have compiled the list of average pricing for the service.

End of Tenancy Average Cleaning Cost in London:

  • A Studio flat is anywhere between £80 to £130
  • A single bedroom property between £100 to £170
  • A two-bedroom – £130 to £250
  • A three Bedroom Property – £170 to £260
  • A Four Bedroom property – £200 to £290

Now, these are estimate prices, so it might be a good idea to get a quotation from your local end-of-tenancy cleaning service in London.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a cleaning service saves you a ton of time and money when new tenants move in. They provide the standard of cleanliness you wish to set for your new tenants.

End of tenancy cleaners can give you the peace of mind that you deserve, go ahead and look up one in London for the ultimate convenience.

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