Creating The Perfect Space To Relax & Entertain In Your Back Garden

Many of us wish our houses were bigger, but the cost and hassle of moving means many of us must make do with what we have. However, you can do plenty of things to increase the useable living space in your home, and one way is creating an outside area that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining. Below are some tips to help you make an open space in your back garden that will see you and your family spending much more time there than you did previously.

Add A Deck Or A Patio

One of the best ways to increase your useable living space is by creating an extended area outside your home using decking or a patio. You can treat this as a DIY project and make your decking yourself or hire the services of a reputable builder to build your deck for you. Once complete, you will have a large area that is perfect for adding furniture, and you and your family will be able to relax in or entertain guests.

Easy Access To Outside

You will also want to make getting inside and outside a simple task, and you may wish to consider adding bifold doors that are both practical and look fantastic. You can choose bespoke bifold doors or go for an off-the-shelf design and incorporate these into your plans. It will make the inside of your home seem bigger and brighter while blurring the transition from inside to out, making it seem like one space.

All Weather Furniture

You will also have to furnish the outside of your home if you want the space to get lots of use. There are plenty of choices when selecting quality outdoor furniture, and you will want to invest in something that will last. Try to avoid plastic furniture as although this is cheap; it usually does not last long. Instead, select materials such as quality wood or metals that will only require a little maintenance and will last for a long time when cared for correctly. You will also want to ensure that the cushions for your furniture will survive the British climate and choose appropriate materials that are waterproof.

Adequate Lighting

You will also need to ensure that you have sufficient lighting in your outdoor area so you can use it at night. You will want the light to be bright enough to see what you are doing, but not too bright that it blinds you. You can go for solar-powered lights if you prefer, but it is always good to have an option when the sun has not been out for a while, so wired lighting is also an excellent idea.

Some Creature Comforts

You can also add some creature comforts outside to make it feel more homely. You can consider adding waterproof speakers so you can listen to music, a small bar area, and even a TV so you can watch it in your garden. You can also consider adding a small kitchen area allowing you to cook and prepare food outdoors. The more comfortable your outdoor space is, the more you and your family will use it, so it is worth the investment.

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