Creating A Wellness Space Within Your Garden

At a time when many are paying greater attention to their mental wellbeing, a number of residents are beginning to reevaluate their homes, from practical spaces to interior design, seeking to better utilise their properties for comfort and wellness. There are endless ways in which a home can be transformed into a space that promotes positive mental health and, for those fortunate enough to have one in some form, an outdoor space can be the most exciting place to begin.

There are many reasons why it is the outdoors that most bring us joy and balance. From the distance it gives us from modern stressors to the tranquillity and ambience a natural environment can create, our gardens are equipped with great potential for wellness. These benefits, however, are not innate and, without the consideration of design or, as a result of neglect, the ongoing maintenance, gardens can become a source of frustration in our lives.


The sounds we experience in our garden play a key role in our ability to relax and to escape the world. There is little reason to find respite outside if you are to be distracted by distant noise. So, to begin, be sure to design your garden’s decor based upon the nearby environment. If you’re near a source of noise, consider dense shrubs, bushes and trees. The right variety can eliminate noise without impacting too dramatically upon light your garden receives.

Additionally, consider creating a source of noise within your garden space, one that encourages relaxation. Ponds and other water features are hugely popular for this reason.


As a garden is out in the open, it is prone to being in the line of sight of others. Neighbours and passersby may not have much interest in your relaxation but the potential of their gaze may prohibit your ability to stay relaxed. For this reason, building privacy into your garden and home’s design is key.

Outbuildings, whether entirely contained, such as log cabins, or open spaces can be incredibly valuable as an escape, giving residents a place within their garden to feel totally private and secluded.


To relax in a space, one must also consider other senses. It is for this reason that we burn candles and bring soft fabrics into our homes. A garden should be treated no differently. In fact, with the presence of flowers and plants, an outdoor space has great potential for aroma. And, garden furniture should be considered in the same way, well-equipped with blankets and cushions that not only offer comfort but also encourage you and your family to spend time outdoors. Even foods and tastes can be a source of comfort, especially for those who will take pleasure in growing their own ingredients.


The chore of maintaining an outdoor space is often that which deters a resident from entirely utilising their garden. With only a few weeks of neglect, a garden can become overgrown. As such, it can be worth considering low maintenance designs, such as potted plants and robust floral arrangements, enabling you to enjoy your garden without the stress of attending to it.

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