Building a Vacation Home Based on Your Favorite Season

Imagine you have the financial resources to build the perfect vacation home. Money is no object. What factors would go into determining what you built? Common sense dictates you would at least give some attention to what time of year you were most likely to visit the home. And in that regard, you might have a favorite season.

Building a vacation home based on a favorite season is actually not unusual. As we go through this post, you will understand why. So think about your favorite. If you could build your perfect vacation home designed specifically to enhance your enjoyment of that season, where and what would you build?

1. Summer – Blue Skies and Sunshine

Perhaps you are among the millions of people who prefer summer over the other three seasons. You live for blue skies and sunshine. Your perfect vacation destination features everything you love most about summer – even when it is winter at home. Sound good? Then you might want to build in a tropical paradise.

You don’t have to leave the U.S. to find such a location. Anywhere along the U.S. Gulf Coast would be perfect. There are barrier islands all along the coasts of Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida. There are plenty of great coastal communities, too.

Arizona and Nevada are good choices if you like summer weather but are not interested in being near the ocean. Both states have a booming vacation home industry as well.

2. Winter – Go Play in the Snow

Your idea of a perfect vacation might be 10 days on the slopes. Ski all day and enjoy good company by the fire in the evenings. It doesn’t get much better than that. If this is your cup of tea, head to one of the many mountain communities supported by spectacular ski resorts.

Park City‘s Sparano + Mooney says their town is an excellent choice. A number of communities along the Wasatch Back – from Park City to Deer Valley and Sundance – offer breathtaking views, plenty of winter snow, and land just waiting to be built on.

3. Spring – The Resurgence of Nature

For some people, the best time to take a vacation is spring. They enjoy being part of the resurgence of nature following months of winter cold and darkness. If that sounds like you, the mid-Atlantic states are an excellent choice for your vacation home.

Virginia and the Carolinas are especially beautiful in the spring. The temperatures are not yet hot enough to be unbearable but still warm enough to help you shake off winter’s chill. And if you buy or build in the mountains, your springtime views will be spectacular. Even coastal destinations in all three states come alive with spring weather.

4. Autumn – Cool Breezes and Bright Colors

Autumn is the last season to discuss for your vacation home. If you enjoy the cooler temperatures and the bright colors of fall, there may be no better place for your vacation home than New England. There isn’t anywhere else in the U.S. where you’ll find such spectacular autumn beauty.

From Maine down through Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut, New England truly sparkles this time of year. And with so many cozy little towns dotting the landscape, you are sure to find a picturesque location to build your dream home.

Everyone has their priorities when building a vacation home. Doesn’t it make sense to choose a location based on when you are most likely to visit the property? Of course it does, which is why building in a locale that enhances your enjoyment of a favorite season makes so much sense.

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