7 Tell-Tale Signs of a Leaking Sewer Line

 A broken sewer can have so many things not running as they should in the house. Before you dig up to find the hidden problem in the water pipes underneath, there will be several warnings that all is not well. Dirty water can be a bacteria-breeding area leading to untold suffering in the household. If left unrepaired, a broken sewer may escalate your water bills and cause property damage.

However, these problems don’t just happen out of the blues. There are significant warning signs every homeowner should lookout to help detect a broken sewer line.

Symptoms of a Broken Sewer Line

  1. An offensive sewer gas

Drains often have an unpleasant smell. The constant dripping of dirty, oily wastewater clogs the pipes and emits a repulsive gas. However, you should never ignore a persistent offensive sewer gas because it may be the clearest indicator of a cracked drain pipe.

A well-maintained household drainage system should never emit an offensive smell. If it does, you need to call in a plumber in Phoenix, Arizona immediately to have your drain pipes inspected. The toxic gas filling your home may be a result of a broken sewer line.

  • Slow drains

You flush the toilet and realize that the waste isn’t moving as it ought to, or the water in the kitchen sink lingers there for long before draining. These are signs that you have a blockage in any of the service pipes to the toilet, bathtub, or kitchen sink. A draining fixture that takes too long to clear dirty water may indicate a bigger problem in the sewer line.

If not, the other probable culprit may be tree roots infiltrating your sewer line, therefore obstructing the pipes. You may have to cut down the tree and whack the roots to clear the sewer line of the roots.

  • Constant Clogs and backups

Occasional clogs in the sinks can flow when you assert pressure with a plunger. However, if there’s more than one clogged drain in the house, you have a big problem. When efforts to clear the drain are futile, you need the service of a professional plumber to check your system. The technician will inspect the problem help fix it to restore a smooth flow in the drains.

  • Lush green lawn section

Take a walk along the sewer line. Do you spot an area in the yard with lush green, vibrant growth different from the rest of the vegetation around? That could be the exact place your sewer line has a crack. The combination of sewer nutrients and moisture makes the perfect fertilizer for the greenery around.

  • Soggy lawn section

Apart from the lush green area, a leaking drainage line makes the yard soggy and unpleasantly smelly. Consequently, a sinkhole may form, giving insects and bacteria a perfect breeding place.

  • Mold and mildew

Inspect your ceilings, walls, and floors for signs of wetness and swelling.  Broken water lines seep through the surface, causing mold and mildew to spread and multiply. The moldy area also emits a musty smell which can cause allergic reactions.

A broken sewer line is a hazard. If unattended, it may cause damage to your property and become a breeding place for diseases.  Procure the services of a professional plumber soon you spot any of the above signs.

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